Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Your online solution to business problems"

I’m working on a couple of pretty big projects right now (including helping out with a big fundraiser at my daughter’s school), so please forgive my less than stellar posting rate.

Let me compensate by pointing you to a fascinating “quasi-blog” I helped set up a few years ago at PROFIT Magazine, and which is still going strong. “Peer to Peer” was the quasi-techy name we gave to a newsletter feature in which we invited subscribers to ask for help from each other regarding common business questions. The readers were very generous and consistently offer useful, road-tested advice based on their own business experience.

Now Peer to Peer features a growing resource of more than 50 questions and answers, covering subjects as diverse as how to see eye-to-eye with your ad agency, motivating employees with bonuses, getting an increase in your credit line, and how to sell your business.

Check out the archive at
There’s nothing else like it in the Dominion.

PS: If you want to subscribe to PROFIT’s weekly e-newsletter (which is really quite useful), visit

No charge.

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