Friday, June 17, 2005

Best positioning statement ever

I am fascinated by positioning statements.

I believe most business people are terrible at introducing themselves. Introductory statements are supposed to engage and compel people, but most simply confuse, mystify or bore.

I wrote a column on this in PROFIT magazine a few months ago. I thought it was a decent but unimportant column, but it garnered more reader response than any previous column. Everyone wants to introduce themselves better.

So I am glad to report that at the PROFIT 100 CEO Summit in Toronto yesterday, most entrepreneurs had decent positioning statements. They were short, clear and to the point. They serve up just enough information to empower the people they meet to pursue a business conversation if they wish.

But one entrepreneur had the best positioning statement I have ever heard. It says what he does, who his market is, and why his product is special – in 10 words.

Phil White is an engineer and cycling enthusiast who now heads Toronto-based Cervelo Cycles Inc.

His positioning statement: “We make the bicycle that won the Tour de France.”


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