Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Blog!

This blog is one year old today!

Here are the stats: 3,228 visitors, 5,666 page views, and 250 posts. Plus, this site has enabled me to sound off with some ideas, share best practices from other Canadian entrepreneurs, meet new people, and celebrate the richness of entrepreneurship in this country.

What I’m proudest of, however, is reaching an international market – not just for my writing, but for Canadian entrepreneurs as a whole. This blog is being read by people all over the world, and it’s a chance to show what cutting-edge products, people and ideas are coming out of the Great White North.

Here’s a map of 100 recent visitors to this site – as you can see, they come from every continent – though Canadians are, of course, best represented.

Thanks for your participation. It’s been a great year!

1 comment:

George Torok said...

Hi Rick,

Congrats on your worldwide readership of your blog.

Just a geography reminder for you - before you claim to have conqured "every" continent - remember that there are seven.

I did not see a dot on the southernmost continent - Antartica.

But hey - six out of seven isn't bad.
George Torok