Monday, June 05, 2006

Upcoming Appearances

Real posts (i.e., with content of interest to more than me and my mom) will resume tomorrow.

For now, a few promotional notes:

* Rick is speaking on "20 Ways to Grow Your Business" at the Visa Canada "Small Business/Big Thinking" conference at the Metro Toronto Conference Centre on Monday, June 12. It's going to be an innovative and cutting edge, interactive session, with great ideas you'll never find in any book. (Until I publish it next fall.)

The conference alsp features Donald Cooper, Tom Stoyan, Michel Neray, Teresa Cascioli and other superstars of Canadian business.
I couldn't recommend this show more highly if I had selected the speakers myself. :^)
For more info visit

* Next Wednesday, June 14, Rick will be speaking on "Excellence in Magazines and Business", at the annual Guelph Awards of Excellence Gala 5:30 p.m. at the Guelph Place Banquet Hall. For details, visit or phone 1-519-822-8081

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