Friday, September 15, 2006

Brave New Blog

I don't add new websites to my "Best Links" column (at right) very often.

But Roger Pierce and Andrew Patricio at BizLaunch are two highly energetic Toronto entrepreneurs who have just launched a blog offering all kinds of useful infomation and resources for business owners. And unlike some lazy sots whose will go unnamed, they are trying to post new stuff every day!

So check out their new Biz Blogs: Expert advice for new entrepreneurs. (It also has good information for not-so-new entrepreneurs, so give it a go.)

A sample of interesting posts:
5 deadly mistakes when starting a business

Selling to Women

Business Books I am Reading (Andrew seemes to do what I do: have multiple books on the go at one time)

What is your business worth?

For those who don't know, BizLaunch offers courses, seminars, coaching and consulting for new entrepreneurs. They do it in a refreshingly, personal and passionate way, so check 'em on out.

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