Friday, October 31, 2008

Ten Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Looking to promote your business? Don't rent a chicken suit!

Susan Ward, who runs the Small Business Canada forum for, recently offered 10 low-cost ways to promote your business.

1) Use every outgoing piece of paper (and every electronic document) for business promotion. Put your slogan on your business cards, stationery, faxes, bill payments and receipts. “Whatever paper you send out should carry your full company message,” she says.

2) Write articles on topics related to your business expertise. Well-written articles can provide free advertising and build positive word-of-mouth.

3) Send out press releases. Just remember that your press releases have to contain information that's newsworthy, “and be engaging enough to get people's interest.”

4) Spend some of your online time on business promotion. Posting messages in forums (a.k.a. bulletin boards) can expose your business to people you might otherwise never contact.

5) Use buddy marketing to promote your business. Example: if you send out brochures, include a leaflet or business card from another business that agrees to do the same for you.

6) Give out freebies as business promotion. Remember lining up at a local store when they were giving away something free (CDs? ice cream? roses?) to the first 50 customers? “This kind of spot promotion works.”

7) Promote your business on a talk show. Local radio or cable TV stations have programs that are looking for guests. Find out who the host is, and let him or her know you're willing to share your expertise.

8) Promote your business by giving a seminar or presentation. You have expertise that other people need – or you wouldn't be in business. Share that expertise and promote your business at the same time.

9) Use your vehicle to promote your business. Ward says 25% of vehicles in her neighborhood bear the name and phone number of a business. She says you can get a pair of magnetic signs for under $100.

10) Promote your business through your leisure activities. “Get in the habit of doing business promotion wherever you go," says Ward. "You'll be surprised how word-of-mouth builds.”

Ward’s article includes lots of useful details and tips. Click here for the full story.

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Anonymous said...

Check with your insurance agent about promoting your business on your car. If your car is a family car (pleasure only) and your business is promoted on it you might not be covered.