Friday, March 25, 2011

Where I'm Spending My Time

I'm afraid I've been under-serving this blog lately. I even missed celebrating its sixth anniversary, four weeks ago. Yet traffic remains very high, and March 2011 will probably set a record for most visitors in a single month.

Which just shows the power of online content. It keeps working for you even when you’re not working for it.

I will try to blog here more often. But keep in mind that I am also blogging for PROFITguide and the Financial Post (in addition to writing regular columns for both). So if I'm not updating here frequently enough for you, you can always find me there.

And feel free to follow me on Twitter. I've been spending a lot more time on Twitter lately. This free short-messaging service takes the idea of blogging and turbocharges it to match today’s faster pace (and shrinking attention spans). You can follow your favorite people’s blog-like musings in a few minutes, since no single post can be longer than 140 characters, or about 20 to 25 words. Keeping insights so short is a challenge, but it makes the overall learning experience more fun, for writers and readers both.

If you haven't signed up for Twitter, you should do so now. You don't have to “Tweet” if you don't want to. Just follow people you know or admire. It’s a great way to get regular exposure to your favorite writers and thinkers. It’ll open your eyes and mind to new ideas, business news, people, opportunities and events. I liken it to reading people’s minds – you get to see what a whole lot of bright people are thinking about every day.

And keep checking this blog. We're not done yet.

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