Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Best bosses, your next video, perfect pitch and Having It All

Here are some links to a few of the subjects I've been blogging about recently for PROFITguide, the online home of PROFIT Magazine.

Just click on any title to be instantly transported to the story.

Ten tasks great bosses love to do

* Do's and don’ts of your corporate video
Why and how you need to become more adept at using digital video as a communications and marketing channel.

* Serving up a perfect pitch
Entrepreneur Neil Raj's formula for winning firends and influencing investors
Karen Stewart's eight tips for the next entrepreneurial generation

You’ll find lots of other great resources at, including editor Ian Portsmouth’s Business Coach Podcast and Peer-to-Peer, the feature in which real-life entrepreneurs answer each other’s most nagging business questions. Check 'em out.

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Unknown said...

Its important to keep the sprit of entrepreneurship alive!