Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pick up the phone and start negotiating

Looking to increase your personal power? You might start with a couple of my recent blogposts on other sites:

For the National Post I recently wrote a rant on the limitations of email, and why you really should pick up the phone and call instead, more often.

Excerpt: Here's just one of the reasons that the phone is better than email.

You get instant feedback. Does your colleague agree with your point? Is he or she going along, but grudgingly? Are you going to have to adjust your sales pitch for when contacting other prospects? The phone can give you instant, invaluable feedback that tells you how things are going and helps you get things back on track fast when they’re going off the rails.

You can read the full story here:

Negoiating is one the most crucial skills an entrepreneur (or anyone, for that matter) can have. Yet I know few people who are good at it. We're so wrapped up in our own needs that we don't look at negotiation as an interpersonal skill, or a highly predictable process that we can all get much better at.

So I wrote a blogpost for PROFIT magazine's website,, summing up "Six Keys to Negotiating Success," from U.S. entrepeneur Arthur Wylie. He negotiates financial deals for his clients (many of them professional athletes) all the time, so he has a unique outlook on negotiating, and a formula you would do well to learn and adopt (or adapt -- use whatever parts works best for you).

Here's just one of his tips:
Key #3: Get buy-in for your vision. It’s not always easy to get other people on board with your ideas. A critical step in artful deal-making is to convey your vision of the outcome in such a way that other parties will seek the same outcome. The WIIFM factor (“What’s in it for me?”) must be made crystal clear to the other party as you present your position.

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Now grab the phone and start negotiating!

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