Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Small Business Week 2013!

Here at Canadian Entrepreneur, we like to say that every week is Small Business Week.
Still, normal people seem to enjoy setting a week aside to honour our entrepreneurial heroes - even if it's just the corner store.
So what's the real value of Small Business Week?
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Did you know that s Small Business Week is a trademark of the federal government's Business Development Bank?

Last year, some 10,000 entrepreneurs participated in more than 200 BDC-related activities marking Small Business Week. You might say there's room for improvement: that number represents just 0.5% of Canada's business owners, and only one-third of BDC's own customer base. It appears most business owners celebrate Small Business Week the old-fashioned way—by working on their business.


Entrepreneur India said...
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Ron Davies said...

Hey Rick,

I see that you are an excellent writer and journalist on business, but I can't seem to find any evidence of real business success of your own? I would expect you have founded and built numerous multi million dollar companies for people to want to hire you to speak. What companies have you actually lead? Founded? Built?

Thank you in advance, I am sure all of your readers would love the "meat" of your experience vice the "fluff" of just talking or writing about it.


R Michael Davies

Rick Spence said...

Hey Ron. Thanks for your note. I don't claim any million-dollar startups in my CV.
They also serve who only sit and write.