Saturday, May 10, 2014

10 Years Later: What I Do

I've had a few people ask me lately what I do. That's kind of hard to explain, since I move rather fluidly between business journalism, contract content development, speaking on entrepreneurship and innovation, coaching and consulting. And the fact that I've been too busy to finish the website I started in 2004 probably doesn't help.

But, I recently wrote down what I do for an entrepreneur who wanted to connect me with his network. Like many entrepreneurs., I seldom articulate what it is I actually do, so I thought maybe I should share this with you while I'm thinking of it.

If you have any questions, send me an email. Rick (@)

My background is business journalism: specifically, former editor and publisher of PROFIT, The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs, and national entrepreneurship columnist for the National Post for the past seven years. My writing has always been about the “how” of entrepreneurship: best practices in strategy, sales and marketing, finance, management and motivation, exports, product development and innovation.

Since leaving PROFIT Magazine in 2003, I have been running* my own business doing three things: writing; speaking; and consulting, for small businesses, startups, and enterprises alike.

For big organizations I do content planning and development, For startups I help with strategy and planning, prioritizing, branding and marketing. With general small businesses I have had success with rebranding, rejuvenating their marketing strategies, re-energizing teams and culture, and helping these organizations find a greater purpose.

I know how tough it is to start a business, develop strategy, get the word out and build the customer base. I would be happy to chat with any of the entrepreneurs in your network who would like some help with these essential challenges.

*In my original note to my entrepreneur friend, I spelled running "ruining." Take that as you will.

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