Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy 11th birthday, Canadian Entrepreneur!

Next week marks this blog’s 11th anniversary – which is pretty old for a blog.

Canadian Entrepreneur launched on Feb. 1, 2005.

Since then, we've written 1,369 blogposts and attracted 833,214 pageviews. Our busiest year was 2007, with 270 blogposts, about one every business day. Of course, that was before Twitter and YouTube and Facebook came along to reduce national productivity, shrink our attention spans and erode blogs’ already questionable “cool” factor.

You can use the Blog Archive tool on the right-hand side of this page to go back as far as you wish on this blog. But that involves way too much scrolling, so I did it for you – grinding all the way back to Feb. 1, 2005.

Here’s my first post:

TITLE: Today I become the 30 millionth blogger on the Web (more or less).

I will be posting here occasionally to share some of my adventures and learnings in my new career as a totally self-employed entrepreneur. It's fun, scary at times, challenging and difficult to explain. 

If you follow along, I will try to post some entrepreneurial wisdom from time to time. I like to think of business as a team sport.

To inaugurate this column, here's a Time Tip I received today in an e-newsletter from time management guru Harold Taylor. If you read between the lines, it will tell you why having a home office (or at least an office door you can close) is the best solution to workplace stress.

According to Matthew Edlund, in his book, The Body Clock Advantage, short naps of 10 minutes seem to do the most for promoting alertness at work, especially in the mid-afternoon 

Here’s to the next 11 years! And more nap time.

My official portrait as a home-based business owner. 
Beard colour may no longer be exactly as shown.

Chart of first-year traffic patterns on this blog show the importance of computer analytics, as far back as 2005. 
Clearly, success would be geometric in scope.

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