Thursday, May 19, 2005

Not bad for a Print Guy

One thing most entrepreneurs should do much more often is to ask their customers and colleagues for referrals and testimonials.

When prospects are assessing you and your product, a story from a neutral third party that says you’re great is much more powerful than anything you say yourself.

Of course, you never know what a person is going to say. But it doesn’t matter, because you only promote the positive reviews. (Besides, smart marketers write out some suggested text for their clients, just to make sure they don’t stray too far off-message.)

Here’s what I’m leading up to: I’m bursting to show you the testimonial I just received from an event producer I worked with when I was MCing the Ontario Global Traders Awards (both last month and in 2002.) Alex Trebek couldn’t have asked for a better writeup.

“I recently had the pleasure to work once again with Rick Spence where he hosted the Regional Awards Ceremonies for the Ontario Global Traders Awards.

“I have produced many corporate events over the years with various Emcees at the helm. I can honestly say that Rick Spence is the best MC of a business awards show I have ever seen. He is always smooth, engaging and well prepared. He keeps things moving with his upbeat style, while his humorous ad libs keep audiences grinning… Not bad for a print guy.”

It’s astounding, what kind of testimonials might be out there – if only we remember to ask for them.

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