Monday, October 10, 2005

Nine hard truths

I’ve received an unusual number of positive comments about my most recent “Frontlines” column in PROFIT Magazine.

It’s called “Nine hard truths: The immutable laws of being your own boss, and five ways to transcend them all.” Basically, I just tried to set down a few thoughts about some of the lessons I’ve learned in two years of being an entrepreneur instead of a wage slave.

For those who don’t want to click, here’s an excerpt:

“Lesson 1: The 40-hour workweek is not your friend. There is no way to do everything you need to get done between 9 and 5-especially since most of the people you deal with in big corporations only work from 10 to 4 (and take a lunch, too). Fortunately, the entrepreneur has two secret weapons that competitors in big business usually shun: Saturday and Sunday.”

To read more, click here:

And have a great Thanksgiving!

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