Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Week to Remember

My idea of Small Business Week is the week that oil prices drop 30%, the feds roll back business taxes, the prime rate falls 50 basis points, customers pay in 10 days instead of 60 and Microsoft offers free software to everyone using bootleg programs who promises not to do it again.

Until then, we’ll have to settle for the real Small Business Week, founded by the Business Development Bank and coming your way Oct. 16-22. (Regional dates may vary.) The theme this year: "YOU'RE THE POWER behind the Canadian economy, let's share the energy!"
(No, I am not making this up. That really is the theme. If you’re so smart, come up with something better.)

SB Week is an opportunity for local communities to put on awards dinners, business conferences, speaker breakfasts and other events to aid and celebrate local business. You wouldn’t think they would need a Crown corporation to get them to do this, but this is Canada, after all.

If you want to locate an event in your area, visit

If you’re in southern Ontario, click here

I am surprised to see no big Toronto events. Guess you will have to settle for the SOHO SME Business Conference (put on by a bunch of entrepreneurs from British Columbia) on Oct. 14. It is cited in my previous post (below).

Let's share the energy, darn it.

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