Thursday, December 15, 2005

Special Announcement with a tinge of irony

Early in my career as editor of PROFIT Magazine, I set aside some budget money for a Freelance Writer of the Year award. It was a way of honoring the contributions of the freelance writers who produce most of the content for most Canadian magazines, and recognizing outstanding work.

Well, the editors at PROFIT surprised me today by letting me know I had won the award this year, and that a little cheque would be coming my way.

(Now, of course, I wish we'd sprung for a trophy, too.)

They say I won for two entries: a story on the looming succession crisis, and the Spin Master Toys profile in the current issue, which I blogged about just recently.

Looking for some award-winning reading? You can read the Succession story here, or click here for Spin Master.

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