Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You missed the conference, now you can read it

You may remember me blogging about the Small Business Big Thinking conference that Visa Canada sponsored on June 12. It featured inspiring speakers and useful panels and workshops on everything from sales marketing to cash flow and the Internet.

Visa has just posted a ton of content from the conference on its website at You can watch a video of the opening keynote with superspeaker Donald Cooper (“Hands up if you've ever worn my name on a part of your body”). You can see the original PowerPoint presentations of many of the speakers or read executive summaries of every presentation.

(Full disclosure: I helped put the speaker program together, so it’s only natural that I think the information will be of tremendous value to any current or prospective business owner.)

As far as I know, this is the first time a conference like this has made short summaries of all its proceedings freely available, so be sure to bookmark the site.
Congrats to the writers: Susanne Ruder, Kara Kuryllowicz, Laura Pratt and Deena Waisberg for doing a terrific job. And to the agency, Arc Worldwide, for pulling it all together.

Self-serving links:

Here’s the summary of the cash flow panel, chaired by yours truly after a participant bowed out due to a serious toe injury.

And click here to read the summary of my presentation on "Lessons from Leaders": growth tactics for every business.

I’ll link to other summaries later on, to save you the trouble of hunting them down.

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