Thursday, January 18, 2007

Don't Bore Your Team: The Leadership Wisdom of Craig MacTavish

It’s a shame more Canadians don't get to read Alberta Venture magazine*. AV provides blanket coverage of business (big and small) in Canada’s fastest-growing province, with wit and style.

And sometime it’s got great information anyone can benefit from.

The November issue, for instance, offered an incisive great interview with Craig MacTavish, the former journeyman hockey player who emerged as a creative and winning coach last spring when he led his Edmonton Oilers to the Stanley Cup finals.

“Craig’s List” of top ten leadership tips should be required reading for anyone in business:

1. Treat players equally. Put no one on a pedestal above the others.
2. Be tolerant of mistakes; otherwise players won’t take necessary risks.
3. Don’t expect players to perform beyond their capability.
4. Be patient with players’ shortcomings.
5. Let players know that you care about them as human beings.
6. Give support to a player in a slump.
7. Involve players in your thoughts and beliefs.
8. Don’t bore your players with too-long and poorly prepared meetings.
9. Present your game plan in a way that players get confident that your ideas are solid.
10. Instill in your team a belief in success.

You can read the full article here.

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