Monday, March 19, 2007

Canadian Entrepreneur products now available!

So, the previous post gave me an idea. Today, anyone can design a t-shirt, upload it to a printing company and have it delivered within a day or two. So why not?

Here is the link to my brand new Canadian Entrepreneur store at It's a US site that does exceptional custom work at reasonable prices (though if anyone knows of a similar Canadian competitor, of course we would like to know about it).

You can now buy a Canadian Entrepreneur mug for your very own. Or a CE hat. Not to mention:

* A t-shirt with the old PROFIT slogan, "Entrepreneurship: It's not a job. It's more than a business. It's a way of life."

* A new t-shirt with a newly updated version of that slogan, as devised in our previous post: "I control what happens to me."

* A mug that says "I control what happens to me."

All those products are for sale at CafePress's base prices; I receive no markup or percentage. (I'd rather you buy them than complain about the cost).

To retain my credentials as an entrepreneur, I did add a markup to one product: a wall clock with the slogan, "I control what happens to me."

Its motivational value alone is worth much more than the tiny pricetag of US$12.99 (plus shipping and taxes, where applicable).

To shop my store, visit

And if your company needs small volumes of promotional products, check out CafePress for yourself. No longer are logoed baseball caps only for the rich and famous!

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Anonymous said...

How about a t-shirt that says, "My name is Joe and I'm a Canadian Entrepreneur."