Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lassie vs Garfield

The latest issue of Marketing Magazine contains a great metaphor regarding how Web 2.0 interactivity (blogs, YouTube, wikis, that sort of stuff) will change the advertising world.

The cover story, Marketing 2.0, begins by quoting Alan Hallberg, Cisco's senior director of worldwide advertising and demand generation:

"Consumers have gone from being dogs, who are responsive, eager, needy and when you whistle they come running, to being cats, who have a life of their own, are not nearly as needy and come to you when they feel like it."

Advertisers, he says, have to learn to "rejig themselves when the audience is on stage and you're in the audience."

The rest of the story gets progressively duller. You can read it here if you want, but I mainly wanted you to think about that dog/cat image. It's great shorthand for approaching today's web-media shifts.

Consumers have been getting harder to reach for decades. Now marketers are finally realizing that not only do they have minds of their own, they expect to be heard, too.

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