Friday, April 20, 2007

What does marketing do?

Here's your smile for the weekend.

An interoffice softball game was held every year between the marketing department and the support staff of one company.

The support staff whipped the marketing department soundly.

To show just how the marketing department earns its keep, they posted this memo on the bulletin board after the game: "The Marketing Department is pleased to announce that for the 2006 Softball Season, we came in 2nd place, having lost but one game all year. The Support Department, however, had a rather dismal season, as they won only one game."

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George Torok said...

Cute story and good example of how important packaging is in shaping perceptions. And a big part of marketing is packaging with words.

Brings to mind the old example of Hertz Rental, who were in second place. Their slogan was, "We try harder."

More entrepreneurs need to try harder and package better.

George Torok
Secrets of Power Marketing