Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sales vs Marketing, in two sentences

Many entrepreneurs still have trouble distinguishing between sales and marketing.

I just ran across two sentences that explain the whole thing. Here’s Toronto marketing consultant Eric Gilboord, in his 2001 book, Just Tell Me What to Do.

Marketing researches the opportunity, prepares the strategy, produces the tools to inform the prospect, and places the potential sale on the table.

The salesperson works with marketing to confirm the opportunity, contribute to the strategy, use the tools to inform the prospect, and move the opportunity off the table and into the cash register.
It’s a great book. You can download the first chapter (or buy it as an instant e-book) here.

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MorganLighter said...

Rick - What a pithy comment on marketing vs. sales. It's opened my eyes and given me a new track to follow. I'm even going to buy the book. Thanks.