Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Your 10-Point Guide to Speaking and Selling

My column in the Post this week offers 10 tips for more effective public speaking.

(Guaranteed applicable to story-telling, sales presentations, copywriting, and other common marketing situations.)

Check them out here.


Kerry said...


I would also strongly recommend Toastmasters. It's inexpensive and you can start from the level you're at (beginner to more more advanced) and build from there. Especially for smaller business owners who need help with sales presentations and the like, Toastmasters is a supportive place to learn speaking skills.

Rick said...

I second that motion, Kerry. Toastmasters is an effective and supportive way to start out.
Thanks for "speaking" up.

George Torok said...

All excellent points - and as you know it is always easier to be a judge than a contestant.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

Rick said...

You're right, George. But as I have put in lots of time at the podium, I found that the experience of judging (and with it the need to do instant critiques) provided quite a new and valuable perspective.

Don O'Connor said...

As one of the participants that evening, I found your comments constructive and concise. I would like to think that my Toastmasters experience assisted me in doing a solid performance that evening. Toastmasters is a great place to start!