Friday, November 21, 2008

12 reasons to get smarter

WebPreneur blogger Sarah Scrafford has witten an intriguing post on the “Top 20 iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs.” I’m not posting it here just for Macheads who are now on their second iPhone. I’m hoping it will inspire people who aren't using smartphones (like me; I barely use my cellphone to call people) to think about all the new applications out there for managing information and messages more easily and effectively.

Your competitors are using some of these tools. Shouldn't you?

Here are Sarah’s Top 12 apps. (You can click through to her blog for the rest.)

OmniFocus: makes it easy to track your tasks and get things done.
Twitteriffic: Stay on top of your Twitter connections from anywhere.
30Boxes: Establish a calendar for your events and tasks, and share it with others.
Mocha VNC Lite: Control your Windows, Mac or Linux computer remotely.
NetNewsWire: News feed for staying informed while you're moving around.
Mobile Translator: Make sense of a number of popular languages.
Urban Spoon: Find a restaurant you like, or choose one at random.
QuickVoice: Make notes or record by recording voice transmissions.
Harvest Time & Expense Tracker: Know where all your time and money go.
iBillTo: Keep track of client billing information on the go.
Traffic1: Real-time traffic reports for major U.S. cities.
Mileage Counter: Track mileage on your vehicle, and calculate your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Gas won't stay at 76 cents a litre forever.

Read the whole report here.
(Includes additional details on each app.)

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