Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something we can all learn from

I have friends who have been to Florida in the past few weeks and come back with nightmare stories of distressed property sales, empty malls and economic cataclysm. But apparently there's another story writing itself under the Florida sun.

Mark Usher, a partner with Toronto-based specialty finance firm Wellington Financial, attended last week's Annual Florida Venture Forum in Naples. He came back with renewed respect for America's entrepreneurial spirit.

As he writes in Wellington's blog, "I can report that after spending two and a half days with 600 entrepreneurs, VCs and the various service providers who support the industry, the spirit of the U.S. entrepreneur is alive and well. Everyone I met and listened to at the conference acknowledged the tough place they are all in. But the determination, resiliency and can-do attitude was extremely invigorating...

"After attending the conference, I am much more optimistic that better days lie ahead. Obama’s inauguration message of pulling up your socks and working harder to get through this was resonating with the conference attendees..."

"The spirit of the U.S. entrepreneur is something we can all learn from - no problem or obstacle cannot be overcome."

Heady stuff. Almost unCanadian. But a powerful message nonetheless.

Perhaps our obstacles can be overcome as well.

Read Mark's full blogpost here.

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