Friday, March 13, 2009

D-Day (D is for Dragon)

For the third year in a row, I will be helping to audition “pitchers” for Dragons’ Den tomorrow at the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto.

If you're there, come up and say “hi.” But Expect No Mercy.

My job is to help separate the posers from the pitchers. I’ll be asking pitchers the usual revealing questions: “How big is your market?” “What makes your product/service unique?” “What will it sell for?” “What kind of market research have you done?” And, of course, “What makes you the one person in a million on whom I would want to risk my personal money?”

Potential pitchers (whether in the Den or elsewhere) should also be able to defend their valuations. If I ask you how much money you want from the Dragons, and you say “$1 million for 50% of my company,” then you'd better be able to explain why your idea/product/business is worth $2 million.

If you need more time to practice, I am also scheduled to help out at the second Toronto audition, which will be held Saturday, April 18.For more information see

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