Monday, July 13, 2009

"Recap" for sales success

Here's a great idea for a Monday morning, from my buddy Kelley Robertson of Fearless Selling. It's not new, but still very powerful.

"Want to impress your prospects and customers? Learn to recap or summarize periodically during your sales conversations."

The process is simple: once you have asked your prospect the probing questions that help you clearly understand their problem, ask for permission to recap what you've just been told. The size of the company, the nature of the problem, the telling details of their pain - all the pertinent details, expressed quickly and sympathetically.

"This deceptively simple technique is effective for several reasons," says Robertson. It forces you to listen carefully, and shows the prospect you've been paying attention. Third, "it helps you clarify in your own mind what your customers' key issues are."

"Develop the habit of recapping during your sales conversation," says Robertson, "and I guarantee that your sales will increase."

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