Friday, January 08, 2010

Talking to yourself isn't crazy if you listen

How do you pump yourself up, or stay motivated to meet your toughest challenges? Growth entrepreneur Jim Estill talks to himself – repeating certain “simple mantras” that give him the energy and will to succeed.

According to this article from last November that I just read on his blog, Jim repeats several key power statements when the stress starts to get to him. Here are a few:

"Successful People do Tough Things" – When I dread something but need to get through it regardless.

"What the heck, go for it anyway" – When negotiating, starting a project, or making new friends.

"I am very healthy, I heal very quickly" – Half the battle with regard to health is in the mind.

"Garbage in, garbage out" – Useful for poor eating habits, media garbage, bad TV.
"Back to Work" – Useful when distractions strike.

Read the full story here.

Also check out the comments following Jim’s blogpost. One commenter added another useful question you might ask yourself: "How can I do better?"


Tyrone said...

"This will be my day!" That's the first thing that I always say to myself every time I wake up and I can say it's really an effective positive note to start the day and manage the business again the whole day. Well, speaking to one's self isn't about craziness at all but about keeping yourself motivated the way you wanted and that the only person that can motivate you most effectively is yourself, it is healthy to talk to yourself, evaluate the wrongdoings and keep the solutions coming in mind. Indeed, this is a great post and I enjoyed, thanks for sharing!

Tsufit said...

I recently listened to my own marketing advice on cd while waiting for my daughter at the subway and thought "Hey, I should do that!" when hearing my own suggestions.

The trick is to filter and listen to the positive stuff that comes out of our mouths and ignore the negative.

Great reminder Rick.
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