Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dragons Den - Job Loft - No Deal

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm. shame cause those VC's would of pushed this little startup faster up the hill. What I saw was one of two things, One, the prof was angry cause of the validation and choose to blow up so he could make himself seem important and he wasn't too happy that his X% or 0.0X% for his help up until that point had to not have the valuation the Dragon's Den's round. Or option 2, this was calculated, knowing it would piss of the VC's, make for good TV, and ultimately allow them to go get a better valuation with the Dragon's Den out of the way.
The Job Loft team should of said something and started to be loyal to the new hands that feed them, and in not doing so.... it pushed the DD people away. I would of ripped the cheque up also ;)