Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Last Dragons

Your last reminder of the year. Dragon's Den, season finale tonight at 8 on CBC.

Man, they should be paying me.

This is the followup show where they look back at some of the pitchers and the deals that got done. I hear one deal went south with a bullet, so it should make for some fun viewin'.

Business is a unique subject area in that it mixes the harsh reality of numbers and discipline and time clocks and supply chains with an endearingly human element of dream-building. Kudos to the Dragon's Den folks for figuring out how to build an entertaining* show by focusing on the dreams.
  • * and yet instructive, too. I remember telling the producers before the first show aired that they should edit together a longer version for educational use. Already I know at least one busines prof who's showing it in class.

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