Thursday, February 14, 2008

25 Things to Ask For

Texas marketing consultant Shama Hyder believes most people should feel more comfortable about asking for things. On her blog at, she recently wrote a great article entitled “25 Things You Must Learn to ASK For when working with a client.

Here’s her Top-25 list.
1. Ask for a down payment
2. Ask for more time if you need it
3. Ask for clear directions.
4. Ask for consistent expectations
5. Ask for recommendations
6. Ask for referrals
7. Ask for testimonials
8. Ask for suggestions
9. Ask for alone-time
10. Ask for their business!
11. Ask for feedback
12. Ask for your payment
13. Ask for their Linked-In "Add"
14. Ask for a bonus
15. Ask for future contracts
16. Ask for their email address
17. Ask for references
18. Ask for a “shout-out” in their e-zine or newsletter
19. Ask for their best business tips
20. Ask for a better time-frame
21. Ask for their card to give out to your own network
22. Ask for a phone number
23. Ask for reconsideration (if you're not happy with where they're headed based on your work)
24. Ask for ideas
25. Ask for a comment from them on your blog. “It’s a great way to build community and keep in touch.”

This is a superb list. Click here for the full article.

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