Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tell Me Your Positioning Story

I've already had some feedback that the links in yesterday's posting have been useful to some people in creating a new, more effective positioning statement (elevator pitch, inspiring proposition, whatever).

That's terrific news. Thinking about what you do from the customer's point of view is always a great focusing exercise, and can reveal new ideas, opportunities and talking points.

Now I'm thinking there's a follow-up column in this. If you've read my FP column this week and worked on your seven words, or if you've tried the PitchWizard I linked to, please let me know what your results were. It may even earn you some publicity in a national newspaper.

(But I have to strike while the iron is hot, so please get back to me by Feb. 20.)


One more link you may find useful: Toronto-based Michel Neray has been helping people develop their "Essential Message" for years. Click here for Michel's self-marketing tools.


Lauren Friese said...

Pitch Wizard: TalentEgg provides employers with direct access to Canadian undergraduate and graduate talent. Unlike WorkopolisCampus, is an on-line community exclusively listing high-quality career opportunities—and unlike recruiters/headhunters, TalentEgg can leverage the information we gather on our website to provide a better service at a fraction of the cost.

From your article, PROFIT 2005: TalentEgg, Inc specializes in recruitment marketing to students and new-grads. Unlike WorkopolisCampus, we strictly promote high-quality career opportunities for high-potential, motivated and focused students.

7 Word Positioning Statement:
For employers: Connecting employers to high-potential new-grad Talent
For students: Connecting students to high-quality Canadian employers

Sarah said...

I have not tried pitchwizard just yet but I intent to. I have set up a few sites and used nemeas to select a domain. I find that my page rank is always at least 15% greater in doing so. I will have to report back with my findings from the pitchwizard link. Thanks