Wednesday, February 20, 2008

33 Ways to Change the World

The current issue of Wired magazine has a great feature called “Why Things Suck!” It lists 33 things that drive the magazine’s writers crazy – everything from laptop batteries to Ticketmaster and out-of-season tomatoes.

Since we all know that every problem is an opportunity for somebody, this issue is actually the ideal guide to some of today’s most promising entrepreneurial opportunities. Wherever there’s a complaint, there’s an opening for a new service, product or approach. And when the complaint gets written up in a mass-circulation magazine, it probably resonates with a lot of people. Which means your reward for solving the problem will be all the greater.

So here is Wired’s list of 33 things that suck. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can click on each one and go straight to the magazine’s specific writeup. But I think the real value of this list is in getting you thinking about all the parts of life today that you think are broken and need fixing. Then you explore the opportunities that are right for you.

Here’s the list.

The Things That Suck
Air travel
Car alarms
Credit cards
Customer service
DVD sound
Fuel economy
Hearing aids
Infertility treatments
Junk mail
Knees and backs
Medical records
Office copiers
Plastic packaging
Prescription drugs
Printer cartridges
Spam filters
Subscription cards
Ticket purchasing
Vending machines
Web video
Wireless speakers

What drives you crazy? Feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment, below.

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