Thursday, December 04, 2008

Political Crisis: It's so simple

I believe former Governor-General Ed Schreyer has the best take on Canada's current political crisis.

In an interview yesterday he said that granting a request from Stephen Harper for the prorogation of Parliament would constitute an evasion of the process of Parliament and should not be done.

“I'll put it this way and I will make this a plain-spoken sentence," said Schreyer. "Nothing should be done to aid and abet the evasion of submitting to the will of Parliament. I think one can stop there. It's about as basic as that.”

Democracy isn't pretty. But it's about pressuring elites in power, not protecting them.

The folks who accuse the coalition of being undemocratic should take another look at any Canadian majority government (Liberal, Tory, doesn't matter). The unfettered power of a prime minister with a majority is the very definition of undemocratic.

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