Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bustin' Loose

I've been having an amazing, uplifting week talking to people across Canada who run Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

I’m writing a story for PROFIT Magazine that requires interviwing about 18 different CEOs of companies that will appear on the next PROFIT 100 list, coming June 4.

These are the coolest, most upbeat people in Canada. They face the same recession all of us do, but instead of complaining about the wind and weather, they see this as a great time to do business. While their competitors are cutting back, they are busting loose: hiring, investing, acquiring, training, marketing, launching! They are moving forward with confidence and daring.

And no, it’s not just because they have a bigger war chest than you do. In some cases, they simply feel uncomfortable standing still. They're trying out new ideas because they think turbulent times create perfect opportunities to approach clients, prospects and markets with new ideas and creative solutions.

I can't tell you more – my editor would shoot me. But what if 18 successful people whispered in your ear that this was an amazing moment in time, full of opportunity for those with the guts to seize it? Wouldn't it make you feel a little better about your business?

Presume for a moment that they're right. What chance could you take that would help you create amazing new value for your customers?

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