Friday, October 23, 2009

Asking for Referrals

My column this week in the Financial Post looks at the lost art of asking for referrals.

I have been hearing from more and more entrepreneurs lately that most means of marketing just aren't working for them this year. What still works, they say, is old-fashioned word of mouth and referrals. So I thought I'd look into why referrals are so hot.

"Done properly, referrals solve lots of problems endemic in our low-trust age. Despite today's hyper-competitive markets, buyers are still beset by doubts: Will this new supplier come through? Will the product do what they say it can, and will I get value for my money? Nobody trusts anybody anymore.

Referrals break this logjam of uncertainty by helping you tap into established trust networks of already satisfied customers. They transform you from just another marketer-on-the-make to a proven problem solver. But only if you remind customers to recommend you
. "

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