Sunday, October 04, 2009

Rebuilding the Dream: 10 Reasons to Attend

Mandie Crawford of Roaring Women is the entrepreneur behind Rebuilding the Dream, a two-day business conference in Hamilton, Ont., October 16-17. Since Mandie (an ex-cop, visionary and marketing whiz) is behind it, it'll be a weekend like no other!

And yes - I will be involved. I am doing the Oct. 17 lunchtime keynote, and a workshop on how to build buzz for your business. You can see the full agenda here.

Mandie's goal: to help you prepare your business to thrive and succeed for the next 10 years!

Mandie has written up 21 reasons why you should attend. Here are just 10 of them:

1. To see your future you need to live it now!
2. Business is changing - you need to be in the know
3. Build your contact list - meet good contacts
4. Develop long-term vision
5. Connect with media
6. Break through barriers of time
7. Guerrilla marketing techniques unleashed
8. Become accountable to yourself and your dreams.
9. Learn how to fire the wrong clients while building your business !
10. Learn how to laugh at disasters, reduce stress and move forward

For the rest of Mandie's list, click here.
See you in Hamilton!

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