Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Join me at Young Entrepreneurs: The Movie

“Rebel millionaires at the cutting edge of every industry .. rather than following the conventional path created centuries ago, these modern day nonconformists had an idea, trusted their instincts, took a risk – and that risk paid off big!”

Yes, there is now a movie about the hot young (mainly American) entrepreneurs who are redfining business and success today. The Canadian premiere of The YES Movie (YES stands for Young Entrepreneur Society) is being held in Toronto on Friday, March 5. Read on for how you can win two tickets to the premiere!

"Individually and collectively, they are helping to create a paradigm shift of personal consciousness in what is possible for your life today!”

Louis Lautman is the young film-maker who interviewed 50 top business pundits and young new business leaders to find out how you make it in business today. It promises to be fast and frenetic and full of counter-intuitive advice, such as not just going out and building your product: sell it first, then build it.

"The YES Movie isn't fiction," says Lauter. "It's real and the experts are living luminaries of enthusiasm and ambition."

It may all be hype - Lautman is also trying to build a for-profit training and sales organization called the Young Entrepreneur Society. But real entrepreneurs don't write things off till they check them out, so I'll be at the Bloor Cinema at 7 pm on March 5 to see the movie for myself. And Lautman will be there too, to do a post-film Q&A.

(If you don't want to wait to see the movie, you can also order the DVD for US$29.95.)

Here's info on how to attend the premiere:

If you'd like a chance to win two tickets to the premiere, here's what you do. Send me an email and tell me the name of the famous sculpture seen in the middle of the movie trailer (and no, not the big green statue). I will draw one name randomly from those who email me by midnight Sunday night, Feb. 28. And we will see you at the show!

Click below to watch the trailer. Or click here for the link.

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