Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flirt with RickAlert!

I just sent out a copy of my weekly RickAlert, and was delighted to get a BlackBerry-powered fan letter from a subscriber a few minutes later saying: "Hi Rick! I just love your news letter!!!"

It's sad, but writers live for this type of spontaneity and passion.

Since I haven't been very good at promoting the RickAlert, I thought I would mention again in case you want to love it, too.

The RickAlert is a free weekly summary of my column in the National/Financial Post (and syndicated across Canada by the Canwest newspaper chain). Each newsletter contains just enough details for you to decide whether you want to click through to the Post site to read the full column.

So it's a great way to stay in touch with the Canadian entrepreneurial/business scene without the hassle of actually subscribing to a newspaper.

I also occasionally plug my other writing, such as my columns in PROFIT Magazine. But there's no advertising, and the mailing list is shared with nobody.

If you would like to subscribe, just sent me an email and I'll sign you up. ( rick (at) Or let me know if you'd rather see a sample first.
Please put RickAlert in the subject line so I know it's you.

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