Monday, April 13, 2009

Facts at Your Fingertips

I only recently discoverd what a wealth of information the Toronto Public Library offers small business owners - and of course, many of these resources are available to anyone, anywhere through the wizardry of the Internet.

And now, through the miracle of copy and paste, reproduced below are some of the best online information resources available to entreprneurs - selected and annotated by Toronto's finest librarians.

If you appreciate this stuff, buy a kid a library card.

Aboriginal Business Enterprises
Magazines and Journals
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
Networking and Mentoring
Blogs (Weblogs)
Organizations and Associations
Procurement (Selling to Government)
Business Closure or Expansion
Purchasing, Leasing and Outsourcing
Business Ideas and Innovations
Registration, Business Name, and Incorporation
Business Improvement Areas
Research Tools
Business Plans & Planning
Chambers of Commerce
Education and Training
Small Business-Central Ontario
Electronic Commerce
Small Business-Eastern Ontario
Small Business-Greater Toronto Area
Family-Based Businesses
Small Business-Northern Ontario
Small Business-Ontario-Wide
Small Business-Southwestern Ontario
Home-Based Businesses
Human Resources
Trade Shows
International Business Enterprises
Women and Business
Law and Legislation
Young Entrepreneurs

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