Thursday, April 23, 2009

Building a Business on .... Bacon?

Some entrepreneurs just make it look easy. Seattle-area friends Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow believe that “Everything should taste like bacon.” And according to ABC News, their new product, bacon salt, cleared more than $1 million in profit last year.

The self-proclaimed "bacontrepreneurs" founded their business after finding they shared a fondness for the greasy, smoky taste of bacon. They quit their jobs at a local tech company and began experimenting with different forms of bacon salt.

With five employees and no marketing budget, they introduced the product last year by storming sporting events - dressed as bacon, of course. In their first week, they processed 800 orders.

The low-sodium, zero-calorie product is now on grocery shelves around the USA, and the duo has since launched bacon-flavored sunflower seeds and a new sandwich spread, Baconaise.

They're even experimenting with bacon-scented soap, body sprayand suntan lotion. Says Lefkow: "I don't think there is any limit for what bacon can do.”

In a time of recession and business gloom, it’s heartening to see two innovators doing so well. And a useful reminder that any of us can have a great idea and make it sizzle.
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