Friday, June 04, 2010

No Words

Photo by AP Photographer Charlie Riedel

Some people want to blame BP for this. Some blame Obama, others blame Cheney & Bush.

Let's face up to it: our unholy dependence on oil led directly to this. Until we are prepared to pay more for renewable, sustainable energy, disasters like this (and much worse) will recur.

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George Torok said...

Thank you for taking responsibility.

What have you done to change things?

Rick Spence said...

Thanks for asking, George. I am doing a lot more green-oriented writing these days, I suport Bullfrog Power, I'm an unofficial advisor to Corporate Knights (the ethics/environmental business magazine, my family put off buying a second car in favor of public transport until we had absolutely no more choice, and I support carbon taxes. And that's in addition to the environmental preservation work I do in Muskoka with the Muskoka Lakes Association and Friends of Port Carling.

How about you?