Monday, April 14, 2008

Best-Ever Entrepreneurship Quotes, Week 80

Here is this week's motivational quote, personally selected to get you off to an inspired start.

This week: one of my favorite quotes from PROFIT Magazine's PROFIT 100 research in the 1990s.

"There are three kinds of service you can give to people. Less than they expected, which we call 'Yuck'; what they expected, which we call 'Blah'; and more than they expected, which is 'Wow'. We only deliver Wow."

Igor Korenzvit (IKOR Integrated Facilities Inc., office furniture dealer, Toronto)

What does Mr. Korenzvit mean by "wow" service? Here's what he told us:
" If somebody asks me to call them tomorrow, I call them today. If they want a price on a chair, I'll get them the price, and then tell them there are two other chairs that are just as good but cost less. If we're supposed to install 100 work stations in a week, we'll do it in four days. And then, we'll ask what else we can do, like moving their old furniture into the basement. You'd be surprised how many dealers wouldn't think of that."

How could your firm deliver "Wow Service"?

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