Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Cure for Inertia

I wrote a while ago about the dreaded disease known as entrepreneurial inertia. Well, here’s a cure.

Synnex Canada CEO Jim Estill, who blogs on time manstery and his peripatetic life at Time Leadership, wrote a recent post on “11 tricks for Self Discipline.” In it he reveals 11 ways he cajoles, bribes, tricks, tempts and compels himself to Get Stuff Done.

I won't spoil things by revealing all 11. But here are five.

1 - To add to the motivation, tie in an added reward. Take something you want and "reward yourself" if you do the task you want to discipline yourself to do.

2 - Same thing, but punish if you do not do it. Often punishment is more of an incentive than reward.

4 - Create an environment that supports what you want to do. If you always work in a specific place, you become acclimatized to it so it is easier.

10 - Work with a buddy. Often just having someone to hold us accountable makes us work harder.

11 - Track it. Ideally track it positively. Rather than lose weight, weigh X. What gets measured gets worked on. I write my workouts in a book.

Read Jim’s full post here.

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