Monday, April 28, 2008

Best-Ever Entrepreneurship Quotes, Week 82

Here's the latest instalment in our series of motivational quotes, personally selected to get your week off to an inspired start.

This week: management advice from a Candian icon who never really managed much, but seems to have developed good instincts.

As a leader, "You've got to cultivate the ability of your colleagues... It's very important to have strong people around you."

Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada
quoted in today's National Post

Canwest journalist Peter O'neil interviewed Campbell in her Paris flat, which she shares with husband Hershey Felder. Now "a consultant and roving public speaker," she calls current PM Stephen Harper a control freak and urges him to lighten up if he ever wants to win a majority.

While she believes the Harper government has been "quite competent," she worries about Harper's "controlling" tendencies. "Maybe he doesn't trust the ability of his ministers, but I think it's very important to have strong people around you."

That's good advice for any leader. If you want your organization to have a future, empower the people around you.

Campbell also suggests that Harper make better use of another key leadership tool: communication. She says his party is stuck at 40% in the polls because Canadians are nervous about the potential impact of the many social conservatives in his caucus.

"Maybe what he needs to do is be a little bit franker about what he would do if he got a majority government."

Absolutely. Secrets create uncertainty and suspicion. Shared visions create trust and credibility.

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