Friday, February 16, 2007

Best of the Net

PROFIT Magazine has a great cover-story package this month on “The Fabulous New Internet.”

Especially noteworthy is the package on “21 essential web tools”, which seems to have been written by the whole darn PROFIT staff. It covers all kinds of Web 2.0-type tools to help business owners connect, transact, network, manage information, and get lots more done faster and cheaper than ever before.

The topics range from Basecamp and Skype (which I only recently signed up for, and it’s a great backup phone system), to Backpack, SearchMash, PageFlakes, ClipClip and other two-syllable tools you may not know.

The story won’t be officially posted on the PROFIT site till next week, but becuz they still like me there, they are letting me link to it a week early. At last, a benefit for the people who read this blog!

Feb. 1 UPDATE: The story is now online in the regular place. You can view it here.

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