Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Small Business Statistics

How many Canadian Entrepreneurs are there, anyhow? (about 2.3 million)

Who creates more jobs, small biz or big biz? (pretty much a tie – as of the latest stats, 48% [second quarter of 2006])

How much does small business contribute to Canada’s GDP? (about 22% as of 2005, down from 27% 10 years earlier. The decline is probably to be expected, given the phenomenal growth of big business and mergers & acquisitions in this country - due to the fact that so much more risk capital is available to big businesses than to small ones).

How many small businesses use e-commerce? (about 33% have websites, but only 6% actually sell online).

All this data and much, much more is available from Industry Canada’s “Key Small Business Statistics” report, newly updated for January, 2007. Should be good for winning a few bar bets.

For more information on these and many other trends, see the full report online .
Or download the PDF version here.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blogs Rick. Quick question...I am presenting to my team tomorrow, 20 people $10M in annual sales. Do you have any stats on what % of companies make it over $1M, $5M, $10M, etc. I have heard all kinds of numbers and wonder if you have your own. It helps motivate the team as over-achievers as well as the challenges ahead of us.