Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Time to Pause and Reflect

New Year's is a traditional time to look back and look ahead. But successful people link "pause and reflect" all year long, with specific activities and achievable goals. In my column last  week for the Financial Post, executive coach (and new author) Karen Wright explains how and why to pause and reflect.
Excerpt: “Taking the time to reflect on our experiences and redirect our forward movement is key to achieving our goals, both in business and in life,” Wright notes. “Life moves so quickly that without some conscious practices to ensure you are self-aware, on track toward what’s important, insulated from the daily noise of life, and learning from your experiences, you could end up in the wrong place at the end of it all.”

What are the useful applications of "pause and reflect"? I kind of like the private Sunday evening planning session, to finish up readings you missed during last week and prepping for upcoming meetings. Karen Wright suggests the following:

* Create a weekly plan
Seek out silence 
* Meditate
* Keep notes of your thoughts, ideas and feelings
* Join a peer forum
Practice gratitude
For more,  read the full  article here: