Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The news you need about the companies that matter

The news you read should always be, somehow, a leading indicator of the future. Since humans started telling each other stories around the campfire, the key question has always been, “What’s going to happen next?”

Coverage of entrepreneurs is scant in the daily press, trailing far behind day-to-day coverage of earnings reports and breathless alarms about commodity prices. But if you really want to know where business is going, it’s the coverage of entrepreneurial companies and their growing ambitions that will better point you the way to the future.

Here are a few of the cool companies I've been chronicling in this summer’s National Post.

* Flixel’s deal with Facebook cements its status as a startup to watch. Its “cinemagraphs” are mesmerizing. Do watch the video we produced to illustrate this story properly.

* Calgary fashion brand TripleFlip has a unique objective – building the self-esteem of tween girls – that is supercharging its push into the U.S.

* Founded in Turkey, Twentify is a serious crowd-sourcing startup being supported by visionary Canadian venture capital. Twentify wants to be the go-to solution for businesses needing instant intelligence, and it’s using Ottawa as a base to expand globally.

* Bridgit is the former Next 36 company that is bridging the gap between the construction industry and new technology. Meet its two engaging founders in our exclusive video.

* When I first heard about online catering aggregator Platterz, I practically yawned. Then I learned more about this Toronto company’s plans for world domination in the B-to-B supply space.

* Needls is helping small businesses find customers in the social media haystack. Maybe they can help you.