Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New video added in "Startups for Heroes" campaign

My proposed "Startup for Heroes" eBook campaign is gaining traction on Indiegogo.
To provide more information about this project, I have uploaded a video to YouTube that explains what I'm doing and why.
(To recap, I am crowdfunding a book on starting a business, based on the curriculum of the "Based in Business" bootcamp in Regina in August. I hope to raise $5,000 to cover costs in order to give the book away free to all veterans and military personnel, to  help smooth their return to civilian life.)

You can watch the video below.

And please visit my crowdfunding project here:
Thanks for your support.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Startups for Heroes: Help crowd-fund my book!

One of the most important stories I've covered in recent years is the work being done by a number of amazing associations, including Enactus at Memorial University, Futurepreneur and the Prince’s Charities Canada to train armed forces veterans to become more effective entrepreneurs.

You’ve read the stories. You know that members of Canada’s armed forces are retiring and returning to civilian life at a rate unmatched in 60 years. You know the unemployment rate of veterans is unacceptably high. Many face traumatic stress issues in returning to “normal” life and finding a conventional job. For many, the best answer is entrepreneurship: starting a business that allows them to leverage the talents, skills and discipline they’ve learned in their years serving on Canada’s front lines.

“Based in Business” is an amazing week-long bootcamp for entrepreneurially-minded veterans. This summer there are three cohorts – in Quebec City, St. John’s., and Regina. But these programs, with their emphasis on personal help and one-to-one mentoring, can only help a few of the thousands who need this information and motivation.

I want to write a book about the Based in Business program. It will cover the entrepreneurial basics of the course, as well as tell the stories of some of the amazing people who are rebuilding their lives after a career of public service. 

The working title of this ebook is "Startups for Heroes." And I want it to go to every veteran or military member who wants it – for free.

That’s why I'm asking for your help. Through crowdfunding, people who believe in worthwhile, pro-social activities can step up and support programs they believe in. In return for your support, you can get a free copy of the ebook, a hard copy, or even your name in the book. Or even two months’ coaching from me at an deep-discount price. Because I believe in this cause and want to finish this book – yet pay the mortgage, too.

You can access my crowdfunding campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/startups-for-heroes-ebook-for-canada-s-veterans/x/1929114. Click here to read more about this project, scan the contribution levels and "perks," and please contribute what you can.

I have dedicated my career to small business and entrepreneurs because entrepreneurship is the most powerful tool we have for self-improvement, personal empowerment and economic development.  With this project, entrepreneurship also becomes a much-needed solution for Canada’s greatest heroes: the men and women of the military who now want to start over and make their own way in civilian life and business.

They need our support. Please help me help them.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Young Entrepreneurs Changing the World

A fun infographic that's also inspiring. 
Don't tell today's young people that previous generations thought "changing the world" was an impossible dream. Kids today just do it!
Source: http://www.degreelibrary.org/young-entrepreneurs/
young entrepreneurs